Youtube Performance in the year 2012


YouTube is the one social networking platform that indirectly caused riots the world over and led to the death of the US Ambassador in Libya. A blasphemous movie which enraged Muslims worldwide was first put on YouTube in July, but eventually it was the Arabic dubbed version of the trailer that fuelled the fire. Protests took place in most countries, with Google stepping in to ban the video in Afghanistan, Egypt, lndonesla, Malaysia and Libya. This is a defining case study for social media, especially for those who believed social media was only for news, information and entertainment. Pakistan also ‘witnessed heavy riots, with a lot of property damage. The government banned YouTube in September, but is believed to have been reconsidering its decision. Since we do not have regular data on the number of YouTube users in Pakistan, we are not sure how many users were affected by the ban and how much revenue has been lost. According to GIO Pakistan, in 2011 there were close to 7 million users. While there has been support for and against the ban, it would be interesting to find out if any local businesses have been affected. With music channels on TV being an expensive route for most upcoming musicians, YouTube became the prime medium on which to release music videos. The overnight sensation of ‘Saeen tou Saeen’, which luckily happened before the ban, would never have been heard of otherwise. Here we saw a YouTube video going on a TV channel, as opposed to the usual practice of vice versa. Ali Gul Pir, who later became a Ufone commercial star and a spokesperson for the Innovation Punjab Initiative sponsored by Google, refrained from critiquing the ban. TV channels that regularly upload their TV serial episodes for non-resident Pakistanis have also been indirectly affected.
We even had to witness leaked clips of popular anchors nonchalantly talking with a controversial guest on their show. This indicates that viewers of Pakistani content abroad are also a target segment, and that must be taken into account when formulating digital plans.
The Others: “Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”Youtube


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