Xperia ™ look

Multiple and stylish colors

The ultrathin phone Xperia look that brings the latest version of the Android platform, Ice Cream Sandwich, is available in four stylish and striking colors. Choose yours and express yourself as you want.

Total integration with Facebook

Stay close to your friends. Share music, pictures and smiles: Facebook functions are integrated in the Xperia whole look.

Xperia Android touchscreen smartphone look
Watch the fun social Xperia smartphone illumination with uniques alerts

Exclusive Lighting Alerts

What’s going on? The Xperia exclusive look illuminations will make draw attention. The light notifies you of incoming messages, Facebook updates and more. Choose light intervals and customize as you like.

Stay in touch with your friends

Xperia ™ with Facebook is an easier way, fast and intuitive to mark as “like”, comment and share what you want from your smartphone and stay close to your friends. See, share, say that you like or make comments on songs and photos directly from your application music player and photo album. Find out what your friends recommend on Facebook directly into the music player. Look at your events and birthdays in your calendar, or mark as “like” the music you hear on FM radio so that everyone knows of those songs that great.

Miro Xperia messages sharing has never been Easier

A social phone created for entertainment

You’ll always have a friendly face at the same distance as your Android phone with touchscreen. Enjoy the video chat with your friends, regardless of whether they have a smartphone, tablet or PC. The front camera is great Xperia look to make self-portraits.

To make high-quality photos, using the 5 megapixel camera. To really capture the action, records video at 30 frames per second. Then sit back and enjoy the entertainment on the 3.5-inch screen.

Easy to connect, easy to use

Want to enjoy your content on a much larger screen? Easily connect your Android phone with a touch screen TV via DLNA.

With the latest Android platform, the Xperia watch features a user-friendly interface and functions and improved communications.

The Android smartphone Xperia look makes listening to music is great fun with xLOUD

You want it louder?

Did you find the song you wanted? She dances, shakes his head, his feet hit or do as I ask the body. XLOUD audio technology gives you a clear and powerful sound. Turn your phone into the ultimate DJ table. And turn up the volume.

We have what you want to hear

Millions and millions of songs on demand on Music Unlimited. Listen to them offline or annoying ads. Enjoy dozens of preset channels and easy synchronization with your own music collection. Get the most out of your music with Music Unlimited.

Music Unlimited is a subscription service. See Terms of Service for rates to detail. Music Unlimited is not available in all markets.

Music Unlimited

Xperia Android smartphone look with Music Unlimited

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