Xperia ™ dual type features

Comes With Xperia dual type set up an easy guide to get you started the easy way

Created and get started right away

Buy the phone. Open the box. Turn it on. Relax. Just follow the guide to set up your accounts, such as Google and Facebook, and transfer your contacts from your phone. And with two SIM cards and application data traffic, you’ll never have to worry about the cost of data traffic.

Designed for 2 SIM cards

Change a SIM card to another at any time by pressing the dedicated hardware. It is ideal when, for example, you want to keep separate your work and personal activity. Or make the change is automatic: you can specify which SIM card is used at specific times of the day. You can also customize each separate SIM card with different ring tones and notifications.

With dual Xperia type you easily control your costs using two SIM cards.
Xperia dual type is the easy to use smartphone from Sony

Designed to make life easier

Enjoy entertainment. The Xperia type dual is extremely easy to use. The music and the latest applications are just a click of your home screen.With the latest Android platform, the Xperia type dual can browse the web more quickly and easily.

Designed to control your expenses

Worried about the cost of data traffic? No more!

The Xperia smartphone with dual SIM type dual lets you enjoy the feeling of terror on your screen, not on your phone bill. Just change to another SIM card or use the application data traffic in order to establish the limits you want to use data to surf, chat or play online. With the Xperia type dual , you never have to spend more than you want.

With dual Xperia type you easily control your costs using two SIM cards.
The strong battery in Xperia dual type lets you stay in touch longer

Created to keep in touch, longer

Chat from your phone. Or pásate all night gossiping on Facebook with your Xperia. Longer. Thanks to its powerful battery, you can charge your phone and use it for 24 hours without recharging. The long battery life means you’ll never miss an important call or a status update on the social networks.

Created to accompany your mood

The Xperia type dual is a smartphone. It gives you instant access to the Internet and online content, as well as a full range of applications, such as email, Google Maps ™ and Google Search ™. Personalize your phone with hundreds of thousands of applications to choose from. All applications appear on the home screen, so they are easily accessible.

Make your own Xperia dual type with Hundreds of Thousands of apps to choose from
Get the most from your music with Music Unlimited with Xperia type.

We have what you want to hear

Millions and millions of songs on demand on Music Unlimited. Listen to them offline or annoying ads. Enjoy dozens of preset channels and easy synchronization with your own music collection. Get the most out of your music with Music Unlimited.

Music Unlimited is a subscription service; See Terms of Service for rates to detail. Music Unlimited is not available in all markets.

Music Unlimited


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