Xbox 360 Market in 2012

Xbox 360The year showed stagnating sales for all platforms across the board, with the Xbox 360 witnessing a considerable dip in units sold. The total lifetime units pushed out into the market reached 60 million back in October, with the current sales landing close to 70.1 million consoles. The total number of units sold in 2012 number up to 5.9 million, a near 57- percent decrease from last year’s sales. As always, the Xbox 360 had its major presence in the North American market with 39.3 million units; and subsequent drops in the European (22.1 million) and Japanese markets (1.5 million). The highest earning title for the Xbox 360 was Halo 4, which managed to generate an impressive 3.8 million sales in its first week alone. As the end of 2012 approaches, the Xbox 360 has seen a slight rise in units and will definitely be witnessing more titles bought for its platform. As of now, Microsoft’s little Wonderbox holds 29.7-percent of the market share.


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