World Famous Designer Handbags

HandbagsHandbags are one of the best clothing essential for women and that’s might be the reason that most women allocate large amount of their clothing budget on buying designer handbags. Many people feel that spending hundreds of dollars on buying single designer handbag is totally irrational. But actually it not so; I think there this argument is ridiculous because they are unaware of the class, quality and the worth of designers handbags.


Here I gone a investigate and explore the quality and the class of designer handbags which will not only help you to make the best purchasing decision; but this will also make it easy for you to select the best designer handbag for the upcoming season.

Proenza Schouler handbags1. Proenza Schouler

If we make up the list of best designers handbags Proenza Schouler will surely be on the top of the list. Proenza schouler handbags range from $1300 and to $9500. However the quality and colors of these handbags speak up the worth of these bags.



If you are someone looking for more durable, spacious, minimal and trendy designer handbag then surely Proenza schouler specially PS 11 will give you the maximum return of your spending.

louis vuitton handbag2. Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton is yet another renowned name in the designer handbags from a well over century. Louis vuitton is offering durable handbags at much lower price. Moreover some of the LV’s handbags collections are water proof. This can be used in the rainy and snowy location and in the winters when the moisture is high in the air.


Besides this LV handbags colors, texture & designs have great depth. With LV handbags you can get celebrity looks just within $2000.

hermes handbag3. Hermes


Hermes is renowned in the luxury goods for nearly two centuries. Hermes handbags are popular for the durability. The users of Hermes handbags are one of the most satisfied customers. However with the rise is the availability of fake and replicas, the picture might be slightly different these days.

Therefore in order to protect you from involving in any forged deal, best tactic is to purchase Hermes and other designer handbags from their official websites or from the nearer company retail stores. 

Chanel handbags4. Chanel

Chanel handbags are the favorite handbags of many people. Like many other luxury goods of chanel, the durability issues in chanel handbags are out of question. 

Most of the Chanel handbags collection dominates dark colors like black and red which can be very good wardrobe choice for the winters and autumn. Beside bags collection chanel have rich collection of small purses. 


Coach handbags5. Coach
It is more than 2 year that I am working in the fashion industry where the handbags are one of my specialized area of focus. In this two year I realized that Coach Inc is the richest handbag designer in term of collection they have.

Just name the color and design of handbag; you will find it in the coach handbags collection. If you are someone who likes to play with colors then you can get lively & colorful handbags at coach handbags and that at the very affordable prices. As coach handbags can be availed at very low prices I will advise you to never waste your money on coach handbags’ replica.


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