What difference eyeliner could make in you?

EyelinerWhen you are on your dressing table you may want to do something which give you an alluring look which distinct you in a bunch of women. Eye lining is something which really attracts others because Eyes are considered to play a vital role in attraction phenomena.so what should one do to make them more eye catching for others?

Let us discuss the types of eyeliner and their utility that “what difference eyeliner could make in you.”



  • Liquid eyeliner :

It is a liquid material as name suggests and is applied with a tiny brush or an applicator it’s a bit difficult to use because liquid is difficult to handle but once you get the technique it will prove to be a good tool.

It is generally used when you wants to line eyes precisely and sharply so it is mostly used for special occasions where sharp make up is not odd for others.


  • Pencil liner :

It is very easy to use i.e. as you use pencil you can you can also use pencil eyeliner

You can smudge it so it gives you a natural look and good to be used in daily routine.


  • Wax eyeliner :

Wonder product in for eye lining, very smooth due to silicon or other waxy material which makes it feel smooth at skin and give a smudged look to you.

It does not pokes your skin and also facilitates those whose area above eye is sensitive.

  • Kohl eyeliner:

What makes this pencil eyeliner different from others is we don’t have to mutch our skin when we smudge it and it is softer than usual eyeliners and don’t get off like the pencil or other eyeliners

Working women or for long life make up you should prefer kohl or others.

  • Gel eyeliner:

It is totally oil free type of eyeliner yet softer smoother and log lasting and also for sensitive eyes.

It can be used to give lighter sharper look with the same gadget so it is handy than two other three.


So these were some types of eye liner and their utilities now I would tell you some tips about eye lining to do the thing rightly

  1. Use the article which best suits for your eyes
  2. Don try to change the original shape to large extent.
  3. Put your elbow on some hard thing while applying to avoid any misplacement.
  4. Keep your eye a bit open so that you can also look what’s going on out.
  5. Don’t open your eye for at least 15 seconds so that it may dry up or sets completely or otherwise everything will be ruined.

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