Vitamins and herbs for Healthy eyes

Of all the details you may notice while looking in the mirror, under-eye circles are perhaps the “crystal ball” of health messengers. They can tell you a lot about your sleep habits, hydration needs, allergies and foodsensiiivities - and your sweet tooth. They can also provide warning signals of much more complex health issues such as stress, adrenal exhaustion or even sluggish kidney function. Whatever the underlying cause, under-eye circles have one unfortunate universal effect: They make you look tired. luckily, there’s a lot you can do about them, and taking a holistic approach to this “superficial” issue can produce added benefits that will help make your whole body beautiful too.

Sleep & Stress:

Sleep deprivation is probably the most prevalent reason for under-eye circles. Skin is healed during deep-wave sleep, thanks to increased circulation to the face. Without quality sleep, the face literally sags. However, if you sleep with your head on a downward angle, which allows fluid to drain to your face, your beauty sleep can turn into a disaster. So sleeping with your head slightly elevated is the best ideal. lack of sleep results in an increase in stress hormones such as cortisol, that can lead not only to health problems, but also to the swelling that creates dreaded dark circles.
When your adrenal glands are exhausted – weakened by stress, caffeine, sugar and smoking – the result can be edemarelated facial puffiness.

Handy Tips:

1. Cold Cream on eyelashes and brows keeps soap out of eyes  shampooing. tamines for allergies is very helpful.
2. For Tired Eyes- Squeeze cotton pads out of ice water, place  on eyelids and lie down, elevate feet.

Did you KnoW?

1. Stress can cause circles, bags under the eyes, skin disruptions, wrinkles around the eyes and premature aging.
2. To soothe your tired eyes place cucumber slices on eye lids while relaxing in a hot bath for ten minutes.
3. For dark circles or bags under your eyes you can place slightly warm tea bags over your eyes, leave on for 10-15 minutes.

Relieve Eyestrain:

Place slices of cucumber over closed eyes for 15 minutes. It is cooling and refreshing to the eyes.

Puffy eyes:

Some individuals have persistently puffy eyes, whereas some people find it to be an intermittent condition. There is no sure cure for puffy eyes short of eyelid surgery. Lack of sleep is unlikely a significant factor for puffy eyes. If anything, sitting up instead of lying down will help to prevent fluids from collecting in the eyelid tissue. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated and being sure to give your neck good support can help diminish fluid retention. A diet high in salt may help increase water retention around the eyes. Contact lens irritation can also produce swelling around the eyes. Exposure to smoke, rubbing the eyes as well as allergens such as those found in makeup can help produce puffy eyes. Leaving makeup on overnight can also exacerbate the situation.Putting eye gel in the refrigerator to cool it is also an effective means for reducing the swelling around the eyes. Certain patients benefit from mild oral diuretics to help rid the water retention in the eyelids, which is a common area for water retention.

Eye Creams:

Eye creams are basically emollients without perfume. Since there is very little subcutaneous fat around the eyes, it is commonly the first area where wrinkles can be seen. Emollients are used to add moisture to the skin and to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

Vitamins and Minerals for Eyes:

1. Vitamin A: Improves night vision. Food Source for vitamin A is dark green leafy vegetables, carrots; spinach, broccoli, eggs, cheese and butter are also great sources.
2. Vitamin B complex is good to reduce redness in eyes and can help eyes that are sensitive to light. Food Sources for vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cobalamin): pastas, breads, milk, dark green vegetables, mushrooms, tuna, nuts, avocados, and bananas, liver.
3. Carotene allows the formation of visual purple in the eyes, which helps improve weak eyes. A good source of carotene is: carrots, broccoli, cabbage and peas
4. Vitamin C can help abolish under-eye circles, because it helps with the blood flow and lymph drainage issues. It’s like opening up an irrigation ditch; vitamin C stimulates collagen production and thickens the skin. Supplements containing green tea or turmeric, as well in combination with vitamin C, have a histamine-blocking effect that can help diminish allergy symptoms and inflammation without any side effects.


Dark Circle Eliminator:

Slice one small piece off of a potato, and cut the slice in half. Puteach slice under your eyes and leave them under your eyes for 20 minutes.

Eye Makeup Remover:

A great way to get off eye makeup is to mix water and baby bath. It really removes it in seconds, even the waterproof type.

Vitamins and herbs for Healthy eyes:

For Red Irritated Eyes:
Eyebright Solution:
- 2 tablespoons eyebright herb (Euphrasia)
- 2 cups of hot water
-2 cotton balls
Steep the herb in water for 3 minutes or until cooled.
Strain. Dip a cotton ball into the liquid and wipe eyes. Reduces redness. Improves Night Vision
Mix together 30 drops of Bilberry with 8 ounces water, drink 3 times a day. Or drink 2 glasses of blueberry juice a day.

Improve Weak Eyes:

Drink a glass of carrot juice daily.

Tired Eyes:

Cut out two slices of cucumber and place over your closed eyes for ten minutes.



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