Viewers love seeing new talent emerge on Food Network Star

That’s exactly what the General Manager and Senior Vice President for the Food Network, Bob Tuschman said, when talking about the upcoming tenth season of the show, adding that “Watching three superstars of the food television world – Alton, Giada and Bobby – help the finalists hone their food, voice and on-camera skill is fascinating, fun and compelling.”

Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay will be leading the charge of the twelve new contestants, helping them to become better as well as helping the network to find the next new and promising face in food television. The grand prize of the Food Network Star is the winner’s his or her own show on Food Network.

But before such a decision can be made, before any of the condenders will even have the slightest chance of winning, they need to go through a unique set of competitions that put both their culinary and on-camera skills to the test.

Each episode someone will be eliminated based on their performance, but as we all make random mistakes every one in a while, together with Food Network Star also an exclusive web-only series Star Salvation will be launched, show that will be giving eliminated contestants one more chance to rejoin the main competition.

Food Network Star premieres on Food Network June 1st, 9pm ET/PT and more information about it can be found at

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