twitter in the year of 2012

twitterPerhaps the biggest story on this micro blogging site was Demi Moore’s twitter handle change from @mrskutcher to @justdemi, then the US elections took place in November and Barack Obama’s victory tweet ‘Four More Years’ became the most re tweeted update, with over 816,864 and still counting.
Now you have the best of Twitter delivered to your inbox, the profile page lets you put a header photo, and the mobile twitter client has become friendlier to access on more than 13 different browsers on thousands of different devices. In March this year when financial reports for the start-up company where leaked, it came as a surprise that it  had incurred a $2.8 million net loss through April 2011, but e Marketer estimates that Twitter will rake in $129.7 million in mobile advertising in 2012.
Twitter users in Pakistan still primarily constitute of media and technology industry professionals. There are different estimates by various local media agencies and personnel on the actual number of Twitter users in Pakistan, but according to Semiotics, the French social media researcher, there were 1.6 million Twitter users from Pakistan on July 1st, 2012. This year we saw more members of political parties taking to twitter to voice their views on imminent issues. The most bizarre entry in the Pakistani Twitter verse has been by Jamaat-ud- Dawa, an organisation associated with militancy. Through @JUD_official, the organisation even offered assistance to Hurricane Sandy affectees in the US. The Pakistani teenage population has yet to catch up to this 140 characters news-sharing social network. And advertisers are even further behind.





















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