Top Five Cities for Working and Housing

Finding the city where housing and finding job would be easy is quite a hard task to accomplish, yet not impossible. For a long time the employment on both American coasts was boasting, whilst Midwest was not that attractive for job seekers. The mild climate of Southwest attracted lots of people which resulted in glutted real estate market and little job opportunities.

Looking for affordable homes, consider going to Deerfield Beach, in Florida. Yet, the job market is not that good in here, so if you are still working, you will have hard times getting job here. And vice versa, Bethesda, Maryland, provides best job opportunities, having one of the highest family incomes in the country. Yet, the closeness of Washington, D. C. is one of the reasons of expensive housing.

Using the combination of several ratings and lists, there are the top five cities worth considering moving into.

Indianapolis, Indiana

The city is high in every rating used. Having ten sport teams, which makes it a labeled the Amateur Sports Capital, numerous city parks and one of the top national museums – Indianapolis Children’s Museum, it is one of the best cities to live in. Having also a name of Racing Capital of the World, Indianapolis is famous for having the lowest cost of housing in the vicinity of metro (the cost is about 18% lower than the national average).

The average price for the house here is about $120.000, and the city itself is surrounded by prosperous suburbs and easy commutes to the down town. Thus you will be able to find the best housing options at affordable price. The jobless rate in Indianapolis is less than 8%, and the job market is full of options, as long as numerous headquarters of scientific and technical companies are situated all around the city.

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Being well-known for its steel mills, Pittsburg is the city that surprises many people. It was the hard work of community, government and businesses that kept city on the float all these years. Today about 1.500 companies are situated here, including Google campus, industrial neighborhoods are filled with new small businesses that also offer job options, and the projects aimed at revitalizing suburbs and dormitory areas provide citizens with incentives for real estate buying.

Omaha, Nebraska

Warren Buffet, being a kind of finances, is attracting more and more businesses to Omaha, and this helps the city in developing and growing. Today Omaha is the small city with great and enchanting neighborhoods with affordable houses, low living costs, and great employment offers and opportunities from the companies of Fortune 500 group.

Columbus, Ohio

Being the number ten city in the rank of Relocate America in 2010, Columbus, the capital and the biggest city in Ohio, is offering a great artistic community, which includes the Center of Science and Industry which is now the recognized museum, and the largest national university – Ohio State University. Low cost of living, one of the lowest housing prices and lots of vacancies in chemical, agricultural industries and high-tech companies makes Columbus one of the most attractive places to move to.

Austin-Round Rock, Texas

Being named the third-fastest growing city of United States, Austin is a diverse city which has the moto ‘Keep Austin Weird’. Here you can find lots of professors (as long as it is also a college center), high-tech workers, musicians and strong gay community. As the influence and power of high-tech companies grew, it acquired another name, and that is ‘Silicon Hills’. Today this place has noted art community, lots of job offers of different types and spheres, and low cost of living and housing.

In fine, if you are looking for the place where job opportunities and great housing costs are combined, think about Midwest area that is now getting back its power and fame.

If you’ve decided to move, these can be the best options for you. You can simply go online and compare the prices on housing and the number of job opportunities. Look through some ads at this website and see it for yourself.


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