Thieves in Vidyut’s house.

Vidyut Jamwal


Vidyut Jamwal model-turned-actor is all fixed with an action image in his real life, just like his Bollywood movie FORCE.


A few days ago we heard that some thieves tried to get into the vidyut’s house, but not only vidyut catch them, he also took them to the police.


Apperently, some nights ago the model-turned actor was in the bedroom of his andheri’s house when some two thieves tried to get into his house around 10.30 pm. He heard some noise, and then he went to look and was very surprised to see the thieves. The thieves tried to attack him, but fortunately for him his training in martial arts (including Kalariyapattu) since a young age, helped him. He not only attacked them in return but also overpowered them. He then called the nearest police station to the intruders arrested.


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