The tough decision to buy IPHONE 5 or not

Iphone 5

Iphone 5

In my opinion, Apple has done a great job with designing the iPhone 5.

But they have introduced this phone at a time when the market is already flooded with smartphones with even larger screens. Keeping that in view, some people might not prefer the iPhone 5 for its relatively smaller screen.

But these phones are no match for Apple’s build quality. For people like me, who aim for a better user experience, a rugged yet beautiful design, and a friendly operating system, iPhone 5 topped up with iOS 6 is the best you can get.

However, region-wide factors like unavailability of 4G LTE in our country can be a determining factor. If you’re also concerned about navigation issues due to the new Maps app, you might want to wait out a bit before going for the big purchase. Also, the availability of nano-SIM might be an issue for a while (but not too long, as some carriers are already offering it). If you’re really planning to get an iPhone 5, here’s a word of advice: don’t compare it with other smartphones. It’s like comparing an apple with an orange (I’m referring to the fruits). Both have their own taste, and you can choose whatever you like. But the satisfaction and feeling of having an Apple product is unlike anything else, and what I just said can only be understood if you have owned an Apple product.




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