The Soul of iPhone 5 – iOS 6

iOS 6

iOS 6

The iPhone 5 is powered by iOS 6, which are just as good as previous versions of iOS. But keeping in view the capabilities of the iPhone 5, it does bring a lot of new features. Starting with the most obvious – it is optimized for iPhone 5, which means now you have another row of apps on the home screen (that’s a total of six rows of apps on the screen, including the dock). Since the screen size has changed, app developers will have to optimize their apps for the longer screen (and most developers have already done that). But you might ask, what about the current apps which are not optimized for the iPhone 5?

Apple has cleverly tackled this issue. Old apps run in a mode that Apple calls “Letterboxed”. This means that the app still runs, but in its native resolution, and centers itself on the screen, with black bars on the top and bottom. The bars aren’t as distracting as you would think. As a matter of fact, once you start using an app, you can’t even feel the presence of extra (unused) screen space.

iOS 6 also brings some minor yet highly anticipated features. Facebook is perfectly integrated into iOS (Twitter integration was introduced in iOS 5). Now the sharing options include posting to Facebook as well. Sharing is the magic word here. You can tweet or post a Facebook status update right from the notification centre. Moreover, you can ask Siri to post or tweet on your behalf. Speaking of which, Siri is also quite intelligent now, and answers more naturally. Other miscellaneous changes include a redesigned Music app changes to the Mail app, Facetime over cellular network, better iCloud integration, the net passbook app (I wonder if there’s a use for it in many countries), and redesigned iTunes and App Store. Although Apple has eliminated the YouTube app from iOS, it is available as a standalone app on the App Store.



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