The orignal ipad

IpadWhen the iPad finally launched in 2010, people looked at the Apple Keynote address and laughed, calling it an overgrown iPhone. It was difficult to see any real utility to this seemingly ludicrous device. Of course, the skeptics would soon have to eat their words when in only a few months the iPad launch was dubbed by several economists and market researchers as one of the most successful product launches in history. Also, the power of the iPad as a product category drastically altered the course of mobile computing. Like an avalanche – within a year of the original iPad’s release – came iPad 2: a faster, lighter, and thinner iPad with video and still camera capability. Not long after that WE~ saw the release of the much anticipated iPad 3, or as Apple called it, the “new” iPad, with its retina screen and superfast graphics. Now there are unconfirmed reports that an iPad mini is to be announced in the coming days. With so many advancements in technology and devices launched within such a short span, there had to be repercussions.


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