Tech Hits 2012 “The Smartphones race”

The Smartphones race

No surprises here either; Samsung dominated the mobile market during the third quarter as it shipped 56.3 million mobile devices during the period. That’s in comparison to 28.1 million handsets shipments in the earlier quarter, which allowed Samsung to double Apple’s global market share of around 15 per cent. Still, the question remains, which mobile handset won the show in terms of market share and popularity rankings? Hold your breath, the new king is *drum roll* Samsung Galaxy $3. Since its release in May, more than 30 million S3′s have been sold worldwide to date, making it Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone. Now we may ask, how long will this position last? Considering Apple is likely to sell an estimate of 40 to 50 million copies (iPhone) in the December quarter, the speculation is unlikely to remain a mystery for Tong. Till ‘then S3 will remain smartphone users’ first choice.


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