Tech Hits 2012..Mobile Os: Android VS. the rest of the world

Android VS. the rest of the world

We all know that Android is the new king of the worldwide smartphone market. Recent data from research firm IDC shows the commanding position of Android-based smartphones, with a roaring 75 per cent of the market share. With more than 181 million smartphones shipped in the third quarter, an average of three out of four shoppers bought an Android running smartphone. Apple’s iOS grabbed the distant second position with nearly 15 per cent of market share.┬áMobile OS is not an isolated market and is driven by the timely release and sales of the supporting hardware. After the release of the iPhone 5 and lowering prices of the older models, Apple might be able to reclaim some of its worldwide market share. However, most likely, its increasing popularity among masses will drive Android to continue to enjoy its current top position for coming quarters. As far as the market share of Windows is concerned, unless new Windows 8 Nokia devices turn the tables, it’s not even close in the competition with its present two percent market share. Android VS. the rest of the world


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