Summer Hair Styles and Messy Beachy Waves

Summer Hair styleCasual summer fashions beg for less formal hairstyles. And this season, the tousled, messy look is back, so switch up your style with some of these summer dos:
• Twist your hair up in a bun or a loose chignon, but pull a few strands free for a gently windblown look. Secure hair with elastics.
• Pull your hair back with a chic headband, leaving some locks loose in front to frame your face a style that looks great. Pick up a studded headband for this look.
• Celebs are sporting high ponytails this season. Try pony clip to add a little puff to your ponytail (& extra height if you’re petite).
• Reveal your inner mermaid with a messy side braid. This sassy summer style is popular with stars. Gather hair at the end in one of snag-free elastics.
• Tame your mane as many celebrities are going sleek and straight this summer.


Messy  Beachy Waves
Finally don’t forget this classic messy beachy waves summer style: You will need hair spray, a big barrel curling iron, finishing cream -(or for super hold any kind of hair wax product). Remember this look is not about perfect ringlets it’s about messy, frolicked on the beach girl hair!
First on either air-dried or blow-dried hair spray allover to add volume & to get hair ready to hold curls. If you need extra volume for limp hair simply add some baby powder to your roots with your fingertips. Clip back half of your hair for easier access to bottom section .. Get yeur trusty iron nice·& hot; holding curling iron up-right (& don’t use the clip ) wrap small & big sections around barrel Gust alternating between sizes). The trick is to start curling -iron about 3 to 4 inches down from. root & don’t worry too much about getting the tip all theiway to the end either (remember messy) work around your head changing from small sections ‘to big section ..
Wrapping some forward around curling iron barrel & some going backward around barrel. After finishing bottom section let hair loose & finish top section. Once you are done with STUB either finishing cream or hair wax between hands & apply. to each curls kind of twisting as you go. When you are through finishing each curl separate curls by fluffing up with your hands (with this hair style you might like ro twist bangs to the side &’hold back with bobby pins for that cool effect).


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