Steve Jobs Vision

steve-jobsAround thirty years after Steve Jobs unleashed the very first Mac computer, Apple Inc. has grown to such unprecedented heights, and has influenced the course of technology so greatly, that simply calling it an icon somehow fails to do it real justice. It’s not surprising that Apple now ranks as the most valuable company in history, valued at more than 630 billion US dollars. So it would be safe to say that Apple runs the show as far as innovative computer technology goes. Such success stories don’t come easy, nor are they led by anything less than pioneers and visionaries. Speaking of technology visionaries, the phrase makes us automatically think of Steve Jobs, the man who saved Apple from near bankruptcy and envisioned the iPad way back in 1983, Jobs once said in a 1983 speech: “What we want to do is put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you, that you can learn to use in twenty minutes, and we really want it with a radio link in it so that you don’t have to hook up to anything to be in communication with all these larger databases and other computers”.


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