Sony Console’s Market in 2012


sony playstationThings have been pretty hazy for Sony’s systems. The PlayStation 3 hardware endured this year with not a lot of good releases. Major first-party titles were few and far between, which hampered sales for the system. The global totals touched 60 million soon after the Xbox 360, and round off to about 68.3 million currently, with the major market share coming from Europe (26.8 million). North America saw 24.3 million units pushed across the counter, whereas Japan posted 8.6 million systems being sold. The system has by far been the best-selling console of 2012, with 44.9 per cent of all consoles sold this fiscal year being the PlayStation 3. With a decline in systems sold of 47 per cent, the PlayStation currently holds 29 per cent of the market share. While the PlayStation 3 managed to hold its own, the playStation Vita struggled to capture a size able market ever since its release. The system may have seen a substantial rise in sales due to its international launch back in February, but the lack of strong exclusive titles and apps have hampered distribution. Handheld software was updated to include unified Trophy support and access to PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and titles such as Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Persona 4 Golden helped strengthen its dedicated user base. To date, the portable has sold 3.2 million units, with a 472 per cent increase from last year’s Japanese launch. Capturing a size able portion of the market may be difficult as the Vita currently accounts for 12.8 per cent of handheld purchases throughout the year.


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