Shahid Having weight Problems.


Bollywood Superstar Shahid Kapoor is suffering from some weight problems. His friend revealed that the reason that shahid is not feeling comfortable these days, is because he Stopped work out in gym.


He has to lose some weight for his next Bollywood movie. The director of the film Maneesh Sharma does not want him to look like a beefy guy having some Muscles; instead he wants to make him look like a normal guy from Jaipur.


So the Bollywood director Maneesh asked shahid kapoor to not just lose muscle also lose some kilos weight to look more appropriate for the part.


So, now we have informed that Shahid is working doubly hard on the treadmill and has already lost 5 kilos. He still has to burn a couple of more kilos before he starts shooting for his new Bollywood movie later at the end of this month.


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