Samsung GALAXY Y Features.

Galaxy, the smartphone designed for young and dynamic people who want to be connected anytime, anywhere. GALAXY Y with Android operating system that offers everything you expect from a smartphone: great apps, faster downloads, Wi-Fi and a more attractive user interface. Never before has it been so easy to access web applications or surf the internet, also has a 3 “screen. Welcome to a new way of life.

Powerful and compact

GALAXY Y combines performance and compact size. Its powerful processor, with a download speed of 7.2 Mbps, make him a winner smartphone. In addition, you can play and play videos on your screen 3 “.

Improved user experience

The newest Android operating system improves the user experience with Google Mobile services, interface web-based applications with entertainment options, leisure and lifestyle.Organize and synchronize all your online contacts through Social Hub. Drive more efficiently your posts, your emails and social networks into a single tray arranged chronologically.Includes free applications from Samsung Apps (and also paid) that will make your life easier and more fun. And you can make pictures with 2 megapixel camera and share it on your favorite social network at the time.

Smart and simple

Enjoy attractive user interface TouchWiz. Customize the home screen with your favorite applications and content. The multi-touch zoom function for web browsing allows you to increase the size of the pages and not miss any details. You can also search for applications and contacts both text and voice. Texting is much easier and more fun with virtual QWERTY keyboard, which has Quicktype Swype technology that lets you type without lifting your finger from the screen, you simply slide your finger continuously on the keyboard, a another letter to form a word.

WiFi and Tethering

Stay connected wirelessly or wired to your GALAXY Y. With the WiFi (b / g / n) do not have to worry anymore. Enjoy a more stable and secure connection which allows you to send and access your online accounts anytime. In addition, the tethering application lets you connect your tablet or laptop internet through your Smartphone.

Audio output 3.5 mm

When you want to listen to music or the radio, connect your headphones to the 3.5mm output of your GALAXY Y. You can use your regular earphones, headphones or portable speakers.

Find my mobile

Feel the tranquility of having your Galaxy And always in control wherever you are. Thanks to Preloaded Find My Mobile service can track your phone if it is lost or stolen, lock all messages, send an alert if the SIM card is changed and even remotely wipe all data from your phone, if necessary.(

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