Samsung Galaxy SIII FEATURES

Samsung GALAXY S III left us spellbound. Features like keeping your screen on whenever you’re watching, or being able to keep up with your loved ones, are just some of its features. Designed for humans, goes beyond being smart, think how you think and act as you act

S Voice

Why can not handle your phone with your voice? Tell wake you up! Better yet, you can tell the GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm a few minutes so you can sleep a little more. Answer the phone (or rejects a call), ask them up (or down) the volume of your music, and even tell when to start recording with the camera.

Social tag

Now it’s even easier to keep track of your contacts. Social tag allows you to link the faces of your photo album with their social networking profiles. As you set it up, all you have to do is look at your photos to display in them the current status of your friends

Direct call

Samsung GALAXY S III knows when you want to talk. If you are writing a message and suddenly decide to call, just about the smartphone to your ear and the Direct call dials the number. Forget searching call records and phonebook, your Galaxy S III will do it for you.

Stay Smart

With the innovative Smart Stay, your Galaxy S III automatically recognizes when you’re looking at the screen, either to read an e-book or browse the internet. Its front camera perceives your eyes and keeps the screen lit while following note fixed on her, avoiding interruptions in your readings.A brilliant idea.

Smart alert

When you pick up the phone, would not it be great to warn you all that has happened since you left? Samsung GALAXY S III knows when you’re back, alerting you with a brief vibration of missed calls and new messages. A yes it is called thinking about you.

S Beam

Share content with your friends should be easy, fast and, why not, fun. The function S Beam lets you do it instantly, so you can transfer documents, contacts, pictures, music, videos … whatever you want. Only on the back of two GALAXY SIII to connect, share and enjoy.

AllShare Play

There is another way to share content with your teams. It’s called AllShare Play and you can share media files through DLNA and WiFi Direct, offering remote access to your documents and multimedia files when working from another device.

Share photos with your friends

Organize and share your photos could not be easier. Your smartphone recognizes faces and links, using as a guide your group profiles. Now, you’re just a tap instantly share with all.


It will be a pleasure to hold in your hands the new Galaxy S III. An elegant and natural, with an upgraded processor, able to offer amazing performance.

Pop up play

Now it is much easier and fun to do several things at once on the screen AMOLED Super HD 4.8 “Galaxy S III. Thanks to Auto Pop up Play and powerful Quad Core processor, you will see a video in HD window while writing a text message or email. drags the video window anywhere you want on the screen, chat with your contacts, or browse the internet. not miss anything.

HD Super AMOLED 4.8 “

Seeing is believing. Your screen 4.8 “HD gives you more vivid color and ultra-fast response time, providing you with a visual experience real HD video totally clear. What’s more, consume much less energy and be amazed for its slim size

Best photo

Samsung GALAXY S III knows your side, making sure you never miss a smile and no one blinked out. Automatically eight shots in a row and choose the best of them.

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