Samsung GALAXY S Advance Features

The new Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S Advance will captivate you with its fascinating display of curved glass and its Premium line. Check out the screen of 4 “and realize that, not only has a great design, but also provides maximum performance. Above all, thanks to the dual core processor, Super AMOLED screen to its ay the large amount of content and services it offers. This combined with an incredible connection speed, so you have access to the latest in the world of Smartphones.

Visually spectacular

More sophisticated users will enjoy showing their new Smartphone, with its 4 “display curved glass and a premium finish. And it’s so convenient to use as it seems, because it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand when you write or talk on the phone. The Super AMOLED display lets you enjoy crisp images.

Powerful Powerful Performance in Performance

Its dual-core processor gives you all the performance you need to get the most out of your Smartphone, including some amazing games and graphics for your web pages, and HD video playback. Little matter what you’re doing, your Galaxy S Advance always give you the best performance.

Enhance your mobile experience

The new Samsung Galaxy S Advance includes Social Hub, Game Hub and Hub Musci more content and entertainment than ever and improve your mobile experience. Access your social networks and instant messaging programs mail.Los music fans can add new lists of songs wherever they are, and make cueing for free before purchasing your items. Download your favorite games and enjoy playing, thanks to the powerful dual-core processor, accelerometer and gyro sensor, get ready to break all the records.

Chaton (Downloadable)

We introduce ChatON, instant messaging program from Samsung that runs on any device. Forget users and passwords, just sync your calendar with the email application and enjoy. You can send text, animations created for yourself, pictures, videos and voice messages and enjoy individual and group chats.


The new Samsung Galaxy S Advance has a 5 megapixel camera, ready to make the best pictures and can record and play videos in HD quality at 720p @ 30 fps. You can listen to your favorite tunes with the MP3 player or tune your radio standard. With its long battery life of 1500 mAh, enjoy your Smartphone longer.

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