Ranbir finances for his trainer’s gym.


Bollywood superstars workout seriously with their trainers and some even have good friendships with their trainers. Just like Ranbir Kapoor is out to fulfill his trainer’s dreams. Bollywood superstar Ranbir’s trainer was looking at opening up his own fitness center, but he was not able to do it due to some finance problems.


Then Bollywood superstar Ranbir stepped in and financed his trainer to fulfill his dreams. This news has been confirmed by the trianer, Pardeep Bhatia, himself. He says that Ranbir helped him not only with finance but also he promised him to assist him in promoting.


So, the gym is located at Lokhandwala. The name of the gym is Elixir and covers the area of 12000 square feet approximately. The gym will feature some the latest equipment.


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