Racing Games

Racing games

At what point did everyone develop a fantasy that they absolutely had to drive a specific car? No exciting task to do, like crazy stunts, drifting or anything, but just to get in a car and start driving. How dull does one’s imagination have to be in order to want something so unrewarding? At least action games offer you the ability to experience things you can only dream about doing (like jumping headfirst into a helicopter), or perhaps wanting to kill armies of random bats for no other reason than to illustrate a point (such as your distaste for armies of robots). However, what kind of a fantasy is wanting to drive? Look at GTA and Forza land you wonder why people are still buying these. NFS accepts this and they at least throw in (rather ridiculous) mafia stories or undercover operations, letting you run from the cops in broad daylight, giving it some element of fantasy. Of course, their creative department gave up after they released NFS Shift and started recycling old names with Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted the original being arguably the best NFS to date.

Racing games Racing games


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