Operating Softwares

Operating SoftwaresIf we focus just on the market share stats, 2012 seems to be just like any other year. Microsoft windows ruled the market with about 92 per cent share, followed by Mac as and Linux at about 7.2 per cent and 1.2 per cent, respectively. However, the huge shift in operating system design as well as functionality that had been predicted previously was finally witnessed this year. This shift has been largely driven by hardware and its usage, as it comprises mainly of tablet-friendly look ‘n’ feel, enhanced security features considering that more and more devices are used on the go and sharing features to make it easier for users to keep their social networks updated. Speed and support to make multi-tasking easier were a few other factors that were given extra consideration in newer versions of operating systems this year. The final version of Windows 8 finally hit the market in October, and has been receiving positive reviews so far. Mac as x Mountain Lion also made it to the shelves. Tiles-based touch-centric Modern UI inspired by Windows Phone, Charms bar and snap multi-tasking are considered some of the Significant features of Windows 8. Those of as x Mountain Lion include Finder Share Button, AirPlay Mirroring, Notification center and Messages (yes, the same that’s available in iOS). And lastly Linux remained primarily the choice of geeks and enterprise users.


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