New report examines key trends and solutions linked to higher employee retention

On January 23, 2014, Sodexo, global leader in services meant to improve quality of life, released its 2014 Workplace Trends Report. The report has been released for the third time now and it’s based on combined insight from clients, academia, principal research, leading facilities management as well as human resource trade organizations. Mixed-method research was used to monitor and examine the trends affecting the consumers in the workplace. User satisfaction and preference surveys were used as well as social media monitoring, academic and trade journals, consultant reports, information from industry associations.

Among the key trends the report reveals show that successful companies will have to incorporate games into employee training, tie workplace environments to the employee’s experience and much more. The main thing – working people need to be engaged and inspired at work at all times. Today only around 30% workers in the U.S. feel inspired and engaged. But considering we spend 54% of our waking hours at work, this can’t stay like that.

“You don’t hire engaged people, you create them,” said Michael Norris, chief operating officer, Sodexo North America. “The key to creating engaged employees lies in the experience you create for them at work. It’s not only understanding how to enhance their productivity and engagement; it’s also about uncovering and executing on ways to improve their quality of life.”

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