Morning Exercise

morning exercise

morning exercise

The advantages of exercise are obvious. It can do everything from decreasing the risk of certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes & obesity to improving sleep & lessening feelings of depression & anxiety. Yet, according to a recent report only 45 percent of adults fulfill the doctor’s physical activity recommendation of 30 minutes of intense aerobic activity three times per week.
Morning exercise revs the metabolism &jump-starts energy levels, actually accelerating your ability to bum calories. It gets the endorphins flowing so that when you’re finished you have greater acuity, less anxiety, improved mood & increased ability to concentrate, all of which contribute to a better day.
Practically speaking, people who exercise in the morning are more likely to keep up with their routine, as there is less chance for other responsibilities to get in the way as the day gets busier. Exercising in the evening can make it more difficult to go to sleep. Whereas, morning exercisers are free to relax with their workouts complete.


There are easy steps to help you stay on track:

Get in the right mindset. Realize that exercise is hard work. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Set small goals & remember, slow & steady wins the race.
• Get organized. Layout shoes, socks & workout clothes the night before to make the morning as easy as possible.
• Make a play list. Don’t forget an iPod & make sure it has a variety of songs to prevent boredom.
• Rise & shine. Plug in your alarm clock across the room so that it can’t be turned off without getting out of bed.
• Exercise with afriend. It’s tempting to skip a workout when it’s just you, but if someone is waiting for you, you tend to feel guiltier about letting them down.
• Have fun. Make your workout enjoyable so you don’t dread it.
• Adapt when necessary. Set yourself up for success & schedule your workouts, but if something comes up, be willing to be flexible.


Footnote: Morning workouts may be great for jump-starting the day, but if a conflict arises, try working out at night instead or adding time to the routine the next session. Remember, the most important thing isn’t the time of day, but that you are finding time to exercise.


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