Moisturizers a con?

How do moisturizers work? I have read that only if a moisturizer has been electrolyzed will its
articles be sma
ll enough to penetrate your skin: otherwise, it just sits on your skin and locks in
whatever moisture happens to be in it already. Is that true?

And if so, are moisturizers a con? How should I be moisturizing my skin?

The glands under our skin .produce oils that are natural lubricants that works to keep the skin moist and supple. The soaps that we use to wash our skin, remove these oils, along with dirt, leaving our skin drier. As we age, our bodies produce fewer natural oils, leading to drier skin. Exposure to the sun causes the skin to dry, discolor, and wrinkle.

A lot of the moisturizers are mainly oil and water based and works to lock the moisture in: No matter how much lotion you put on, it would not put moisture back into your skin.’ The extra ingredients in moisturizers, the ones featured so prominently in ads, may offer some added benefits, but are usually more expensive. With any moisturizer or skin/cosmetic product, if you experience any irritation or discomfort, stop using it and ‘talk with your health care provider or dermatologist to find a viable substitute.’


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