Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8

Let’s be honest, Microsoft has been trying very hard to make itself relevant in the mobile phone industry for a very long time. The previous version, Windows Phone 7, was decent but lacked maturity when compared to iOS or Android. Nokia, struggling to keep up with the latest developments in the smartphone market, made a strategic alliance with Microsoft and decided to roll out future smartphones based on this as, helping further the cause of Windows Phone. Nokia’s Lumia series of smartphone is a result of this

Strategic alliance formed between Microsoft and Nokia. Today, Windows Phone 8 shows what a long way Microsoft has travelled and indeed it is a decent mobile OS. Decent enough that people are discussing it alongside iOS and Android, although it still has a very small 2.7 per cent global market share, far behind even the Blackberry mobile OS which holds more than five per cent.


User experience and interface: Windows Phone 8 brings a unique user experience; the interface is beautifully designed featuring a “start screen”, very different from the usual iOS/Android interfaces, and also supports widgets for convenience. It does take users some time to adjust to this entirely new interface.


Applications: The Windows Phone Store features more than 100,000 apps – far behind iOS and Android – but this number is increasing at a rapid pace. If you’re an iOS or Android user switching to Windows Phone 8, you will find many of your favorite apps either unavailable or available at a price tag.


Productivity: Windows Phone 8 features mobile versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and offers greater control over document creation, editing and viewing in a mobile environment. It also incorporates the new Microsoft Outlook e-mail experience. It also comes bundled with Microsoft’s very own Internet Explorer as the default browser.


Multitasking: Windows Phone 8 features are true multi-tasking and it is relatively easy to jump between multiple tasks and applications.


Technicalities: Windows Phone 8 is based on the powerful Windows NT kernel, the same kernel as Windows 8 for pes is based on, and boasts built-in security features – largely eliminating the need for any security software.


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