Makeup Tips, How to look beautiful,Personality Charm:

This is the ultimate reality that woman’s always try different things to look beautiful to others one of them is makeup. Makeup has different categories for example party makeup, bridal makeup etc. let discuss some of the tips of makeup.

First thing to do is clean the skin means cleansing of the skin because if we don’t clean the skin properly then the base wouldn’t look so good. After cleaning the skin the next step is to apply the bas on the skin there are different types of bases for example the light base, dark base it depend upon the occasion. The base should apply in this way that you don’t have to miss any single space on the skin if base don’t apply in the right way then makeup look dumb on the face.

When the base completed apply on the face then apply eyeliner around the outside of the eyes it should be in black color because in this color the eyes look so prominent that it will look charming to others. After this eyeshade should be applied the color of the eyeshade must be in that color which firstly suit to your cloth then yourself. If you have artificial color lens then must use it. Now use such color of lipstick which looks perfect on after doing this then prominent your lipstick by using pencil color. By finishing all this then used mascara and then used nail polish which looks awesome on you.


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