Make up tips for you

To look attractive and alluring is a right of every one. We are up with some useful “make up tips for you, so that the task to look beautiful be accomplished with ease and efficiency. It’s not going to be a typical piece of crap telling to do this do that stuff and you will be like Cinderella.

We’ll tell you those small but yet important useful “make up tips’’. Usually you may ignore these things and you have to believe that that are surely noticed and matters a lot to your face and all your  effort to get regard from your mates, boyfriend or husband; whoever he is in vain so let just start our “make tip” show right here:

  1-      One of the most noticed a thing on one’s face is his eye so what you should do is to clear eyebrows from up and bottom.

2-      Shaping the eyebrows with great care and keeping in mind that it also matters to your appearance so shape them in the best way, so that they look attractive.

3-      Apply mascara eye line etc. with great care and you should be aware of the colors that makes you look fascinating not those which make you dumb or dull.

 4-      While going for blushing cheeks you should try to choose colors or if you not found it get a blend but make sure it matches strongly with your skin is just to give you a cute glow and cover small blemishes and marks and enhance your complexion. Something that changes your skin color is never recommended.

5-      Lips are not less important but in some cases this is most noticeable area; so what you should do is to give some nicer look, it may look glossy, sheer or creamy, and something must dominate. One more thing lips should be soft moistures always it or the other way will cause problems and is considered a bad impact.

6-      Concealer is necessary if you have blemished skin so that marks are covered.

7-      Your hair style is something really matters so how you set your hair should be according to your personality. Short hairs, long hairs, you may get them straightened or dyed according to your need but make sure they are well synchronized with your make up.

 8-      When you are doing you make up most of girls don’t kept in mind that how there make up lines will affect her you should be cautious and should check this during your make up.

 9-      Something which girls worry is that there make up is not long lasting, so what you should do is brush lightly the layer of powder when you are done with you make up.

We hope these “make up tips will surely help you to make up yourself in a better way and in different but still in appealing sense.


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