“LINKED IN” in the year 2012

LinkedInLinkedin surpassed expectations with 81% year-on-year growth, bringing in $252 million in revenues during the third quarter. With an improved interface and new features, it hiked up its advertising rates and focused on premium subscriptions and offering specialized services to recruiters. Groups on the site still have limited options, but company pages have a newer look, job listings have become more profile-focused and the skills endorsement feature for individual profiles has become more popular than testimonials. Privacy concerns were high ‘When LinkedIn admitted in June 2012 that a whopping 6 million passwords had been compromised. User engagement is still a challenge for this professional. social platform, but it seems to die holding its financial grounds. On the local front, the number of LinkedIn profiles from Pakistan stayed close to 1.2 million. Rumours of Linkedin setting up office in Pakistan were quickly quashed by their headquarters. There have been a ,few B2B (Business-to-Business) companies that have attempted utilize advertising in LinkedIn. One such example is the Time Trax Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) solutions provider. We still have not seen most local companies make the most of LinkedIn. None: of the social media related events that took place locally in 2012 explored the opportunities from this noteworthy platform. International companies with branches in Pakistan have been successful in job listing which would in turn cut down their recruiting costs. Local recruiters have been using skill keywords to search and later approach suitable candidates, but are still using their status updates to announce vacancies.


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