Let’s dig into the 7th generation iPod Nano

ipod nano

Apple rarely gives external makeovers to its products. But there’s one particular product that has received a redesign with every generation, and yet has maintained the quality that its name implies – being slim and small. Yes, we’re referring to the iPod Nano, and now that the 7th generation iPod Nano is here, we’re going to see how Apple has crafted this small yet powerful product. The original iPod Nano was introduced back in 200S with the idea of “putting1 ,000 songs in your pocket”. The audience was stunned when Steve Jobs pulled it out of the smaller pocket of his jeans. Today the 7th generation iPod Nano is here and still retains the same (but improved) qualities. It’s small, it’s sleek, and it holds even more songs, videos, and podcasts then you’ve ever imagined. So if you need a small yet Apple-labelled music player, the Nano is your best bet. Starting at just $ 149, the iPod Nano is an affordable luxury music player. Just to add, investing a little more would get you the new iPod touch. In this age of smartphones, carrying a separate music player sounds difficult and unrealistic. Since this is Apple, you can dare to be different. After all, it’s just a matter of preference. ipod nano


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