Let the lipstick kiss your lips!

kiss the lipstickMake up is something essential for women but in all his procedure a vital role is played by lipstick whole idea is changed if you just change your style of using lipstick or color. Your lips are a necessary part of your face as they are used in speaking smiling etc.  So what is required is to focus them in makeup.

Let us tell you some tips and points to be kept in mind for correct and best use of this tool to beatify yourself.





1- First of all you should check which color is likely to be used or which shade is good with particular type of makeup so check it by applying on your hand or in simple words compatibility.

2-While applying it be careful so that not a tiny spot outside a lip it looks to awful if visible.

3- Very important task is choosing the right color normally light pink is the best of all times in daily life but when it you took on some event then intensity of makeup as well as lipstick as a part of it increases so if you’re on to some cheering or business party you should surely wear red lipstick or some other dark color like purple is also a good one.

Some color combinations suggested by us

  • Pink + orange.
  • Coral + fuchsia.
  • Red + pink.
  • Cinnamon + melon.
  • Orange + blue.


4- You should use a base liner so that your lipstick lasts long and firm but don’t use a dark base line with light lipstick.

5- To avoid lipstick from going into mouth or on teeth take a tissue paper and clear the inner side of lips to avoid eating lipstick but do its softly otherwise you may get all of it off.

6- If you are fond of glossy lips then you should try using liner first and then applying lip gloss in this way it will not get off that early.

7- If you have dry lips you should use a Chap Stick or some lip wax under the lipstick.

8- If you are wearing bright colored then your makeup should be light so that lipstick is well focused or get attracted by others.

9- If you are eating than after your meal clean your lips and again apply the stuff on.

10- When you are done with lipstick, apply a blush over lips so that any dry spot is filled and symmetry is created.


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