Lance Sandwich Crackers celebrates its 100th anniversary with Back to School Sweepstakes

This year has been the year for 100th anniversary celebrations for Lance Sandwich Crackers. Throughout the year Lance Snack Patrol team has been traveling around the U.S. to offer both kids and adults fun-filled activities as well as free sandwich crackers. They have been seen showing up at parks and different events across the country.

And in the middle of summer they also launched their education-focused Back to School Sweepstakes to demonstrate their commitment to support learning. The Back to School Sweepstakes runs through September 15th and features around 4000 prizes. Among them are 3500 limited edition Lance lunch boxes, 200 Visa Gift cards each worth $100 and of course, three grand prizes. The grand prizes are $10 000 cash checks to help parents with the ever-raising tuition costs. As based on the data provided by College Board the tuition costs and fees at a four-year higher-education public institution has nearly doubled over the past ten years. Plus the average cost of apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics for the 13/14 school-year is estimated to be $634.78.

Take part of the Back to School Sweepstakes by going to or Lance’s Facebook page. You can do that every day throughout September 15.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.


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