Katrin would love to do a sequel in RAAJNEETI.


Prakash Jha has approached Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif for the sequel of the Blockbuster movie Raajneeti, this news has been confirmed by Katrina kaif itself. She says that “I would love to be Part of the sequel in which I play the Protagonist”.


In an interview a few days ago, Katrina said that “Bollywood movie RAAJNEETI is a very special film for me. It gave me recognition as an actress and bought me some good reviews. I would lov1e to do a sequel in the film. I have great reward for Bollywood director Prakashji and for me it would be an honour to work with him”.


Talking about the sequel Bollywood actress Katrina kaif also revealed that “Normally I don’t speak about the projects which are not officially announced but its true that Prakashjii has approached me for the sequel of RAAJNEETI”.


She also revealed that “when he told me about RAAJNEETI 2, I thought it was a genius idea. The script he has is very interesting. I think its going to be a big challenge because all the characters have died. To creat a cast that wonderful again will be a huge task. But the concept that he has is Fantastic”.


She signs off and said “I really hope he is able to put the whole thing together someday. I would love to be a part of it.


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