Ipad the “Upgrade fatigue”

Ipad osEven Apple’s most loyal customers struggle to keep up with the steady stream of newer models and software upgrades. Apple, too, has admitted that as new models and devices roll out to the public, their design team is already deeply entrenched in developing the next upgrade. However, newer models and better products ensure that a company is driven to work hard and advance technology as a whole. It doesn’t end with devices as upgrades in software coerce people to buy newer hardware that supports it. Apple has been accused of enticing people to buy newer products and getting rid of their obsolete designs much faster than necessary. A classic case in point is the rather saddening abandonment by Apple of the original iPad on their iOS6 keynote address. The once mighty iPad has now been divorced from the Apple ranks in a matter of minutes, thrown out into the cold. The Apple bigwigs casually and nonchalantly announced that their new operating system for iPhones and iPads, the iOS 6, would not support the original iPad. What starker message could Apple give to their loyal consumers? Forums and online communities dedicated to the original iPad are abuzz with rants and complaints. People are angry at the cold shoulder Apple gave them and their product. “After all,” one writer says, “doesn’t Apple realize that WE were the ones who made the original iPad a success? We put our trust in Apple and bought this new product that not even we understood a lot about, and it was how WE used it that changed the way mobile computing is now thought of.”


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