Ipad (The flip side)

IpadWhile Others are arguing that even though the original iPad is no longer offered any upgrade, it can still access up to 80 per cent of all apps available on the App Store, and that it would continue to do so for many years to come.

Studies have been made to compare apps optimized for iOS 6 against their iOS 5 versions and the results speak for themselves. Since there are no separate versions of apps for the three versions of iPads and their many subcategories, all of them get the same updates. This means that updates for apps now have to cater to the iPad 3 with its retina screen, quad-core graphics and new operating system, while also being able to run on the original iPad. This makes each upgrade larger in size and more taxing on the processor of the older iPads. In practical terms, software will now start to run slower and take up more space on the original iPad and loyalists will either have to cope or give in to upgrading to the newer iPads and iPhones.

Surely, a company run by visionaries and market leaders would be aware of all this. So, the only explanation is that they WANT people to upgrade, buy the newer versions, throw their older versions away, or at most, pass them down to their children as toys. Apple, it seems isn’t only in the business of selling hardware and software. There seems to be a much bigger agenda here, and that is of rapid technological I advancement at a worldwide level. It seems we’re being catapulted to a higher technology level faster than we’ve ever been before – and that can’t necessarily be a bad thing, unless you’re of the old-school belief that technology will ultimately destroy us, or at least take away our freedom.

So, for the sheer sake of curiosity (provided you have the requisite moolah to spare), let us upgrade our iPads, iPhones and operating systems – whether they are made by Apple, Microsoft, or Google – get on this speed train and see where it takes us. With any luck, it will be forward.


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