Internet censorship Wars

Internet censorship

Internet censorship once again surfaced in Pakistan early this year as the government announced its plan to install a National Level URL Filtering and Blocking System. According to early reports, the proposed system could block up to 50 million pages at a time. The plans for such a system were ultimately shelved after a massive outcry from privacy groups across the globe. The internet crisis heightened when YouTube was completely and indefinitely banned in the country after the release of a blasphemous video on the popular website. It is argued that due to the lack of agreement about filtering of blasphemous video content between Google and Pakistan, the latter decided to ban YouTube. While the infamous action was considered ‘understandable’ by certain people, others equated it to closing an entire library because of one offensive book.
Internet surveillance has not been just a local issue, though. The UK government has also been in hot water this year, as it announced plans to┬áinstall “black boxes” that would intercept and track phone and internet traffic. The snooping would cover e-mail and social media messages which would be stored for at least a year. Although the government has insisted that the actual data will not be scrutinized, it has failed to provide comfort to the average UK citizen, who understandably fears the monitoring of his/her cyber-life. Internet censorship


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