How to remove skin tags.

skin tag

skin tag

Skin tags are just harmless benign tumors that take the form of protruding flaps of skin. So there is nothing wrong with removing them provided you do it right. It is however important to emphasize that before you even consider removing a skin tag you have to be 100% certain that it is not a malignant tumor. If you notice that your skin tag is growing rapidly & consistently, changes,in color & shape, then you’d better seek out the help of a dermatologist because these are the signs of malignant tumors.

Methods of Removing Skin Tags:

Vitamin E:Put some vitamin E on a band aid & tape it on the skin tag. Wait for the skin tag to fall off. This will take a couple of days.
Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the natural remedies that have multiple benefits. It is known for its healing effect in
treating acid reflux, heartburn, acne & warts. It can also be used as a natural treatment for skin tags. Rub some ACV on the skin tags three times a day using a cotton ball.
Electrolysis: Skin tags can be removed safely & effectively by electrolysis. It is a painless treatment no scarring is left behind.

Nail Polish: Just cover the tag with the fingernail polish 3 times a day for a couple of days until the tag falls off.

String: You can also remove a skin tag by tying a thin string around its base for a couple of days until it falls off. For this purpose, you can use a fishing line or a dental floss.
Duct Tape: Another way to remove skin tags at home is to use duct tape. Just take a piece ‘of duct tape that is big enough to cover the skin tag & leave it taped on it until you notice that it has started to loosen up. Then check to see if the skin tag is actually falling off. If not, repeat the procedure until the skin tag falls.


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