Have you had any experience with head lice?

Recently a survey was conducted by Sanofi Pasteur that revealed some unusual beliefs about head lice. And not only by parents who have not had to deal with it themselves. Also those who have had experience with head lice still believe in common myths about head lice.

For example, 88% of moms think that it is necessary to comb out the nits in order to get rid of the infestation. That is not true. More than half of moms also think that all head lice treatments need multiple applications. That is not true either.

“Head lice are common, so it is important for moms to get smart about the facts. A family doctor, pediatrician or other healthcare provider can help treat infestations,” said family nurse practitioner, Susan Catchings. “There is a lot of head lice treatment information available online and elsewhere. Talking to your healthcare provider is a great way to learn more about FDA-approved options, how long each takes, how safety and efficacy compares, and what else you need to do to help prevent a reinfestation.”

Besides the things that are okay not to know, funny fact is that even though around 80% of moms think they know where to find reliable information about the topic, only 17% of the ones who had to deal with the issue, actually turned to the doctor first.

Head lice has multiple treatment options, from over the counter medications to prescription drugs. One of the prescription options is Sklice Lotion that in most cases have proven to be effective after just one 10-minute treatment. You can learn more about it by going to www.Sklice.com.

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