Hardware of “THE IPAD NANO”


It looks like a mini iPod touch, and the form factor is quite like its predecessors’ (with the exception of the 6th generation Nano). Most noticeably, it is amazingly small and light. Pictures don’t do it justice (true for most Apple products). Just like most other Apple gadgets, the back of the new iPod Nano is made of Apple’s high quality aluminum,¬†which looks beautiful and feels really good in the hand. The build quality is superb. The front has a 2.S-inch multi-touch display with good, but not very high resolution. There’s a new addition to the iPod Nano; the home button. It’s the same home button you’ve seen and loved on iOS devices, not that its addition to the Nano necessarily makes it an iOS device.
However, it’s interesting to note how Apple has given so much attention to detail the Nano’s home button has a circle in the middle,
representing the circular icons of the home screen (compared to iOS devices which have a rounded rectangle on the home buttons, representing the app icons of the same shape). Up on top, there’s a sleep/wake button, since the Nano functions much like iOS, pressing this button has the same function as on an iOS device. The volume buttons are on the left, as well as a button between them that performs different functions, depending on how many times you press it. On the bottom, you’ll find the headphone-jack (the Nano is as thin as the headphone jack itself). It also features the new “Lightening” connector on the bottom (instead of the 30-pin port). I believe Apple wouldn’t have been able to achieve the small and thin design of this iPod Nano with the old dock connector in place, so credit goes to the new Lightening port. There’s a white plastic strip on the bottom, which is essentially a cover for the Bluetooth adapter built into the Nano. The addition of Bluetooth is something new to the Nano. This means you can wirelessly play your music via a Bluetooth-enabled receiver.
There’s no camera, though (and that’s a bummer). I have no idea why Apple didn’t throw in a camera (and an external speaker), which would’ve made this device more than. Perhaps they’re saving something for the 8th generation Nano. Other than that,
Apple’s new “EarPods” are bundled with all new iDevices now. Farewell, useless old white earphones. According to Apple, EarPods are designed to send sound directly “into” your ears, and that’s really true.
The 7th generation Nano comes in no less than seven colours. The only storage option is 16GB. Just like the other newly announced Apple products, the ‘Black & Slate’ color is a special feature on the new Nano as well. All the other colors have a white frame around the screen and a white home button, but the Black & Slate version has a black frame and black home button. So if you’re planning to get a Nano, I would recommend that you opt for the classy black one. IPOD NANO


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