“google+” in the year 2012..

google+Launched with much fanfare, Google+  failed to stand on its own as a growing social network, but somehow the Google+ Hangout feature became a surprise hit, allowing users to set up video chat with an audience of up to nine people. The experience actually makes users feel like they are part of a live show with multiple guests. Businesses and brands are making great use of this feature with its instant content creation – you don’t even have to worry about recording software any more as Google can record and upload your Hangout to YouTube.Traditional print giants such as The Economist and the New York Times are talking directly to their readers now. The OC star Rachel Bilson launched her handbags through Google+ at a NYC blogger brunch, and the award-winning singer Taylor Swift hosted a Hangout session where she debuted her single, which became the first song to top the charts that fast.
As election fervour picked up in the US, the White House interacted regularly through Hangout. With-the two official parties in the US elections dominating airtime, third-party candidates took to Hangout. From President Obama to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to the European Union all have hang out with the populace in 2012,courtesy Google+.
The most interesting of all the Google+ Hangouts in India this year was one hosted by the controversial Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. With Bollywood star Ajay Devgan reading out questions and managing the live chat, the CM happily fielded questions that ranged from growth in.the state during his tenure to his style of dressing. Interestingly enough, not one of the #Modi Hangout audience asked him about the 2002 Gujarat genocide verdict, which had only been given hours earlier by the Gujarat High Court.
In Pakistan, the Pakistan Tehreek-Ei-Insaaf leader Imran Khan became the first Bind only political leader in the country to follow the international trend and use Gooqle+ Hangouts to connect to his supporters. PTI’s social media team and Google’s Country representative officially put together #HangoutwithIK. Oddly enough, no other political party representative other than those of PTI were given the opportunity to meet the Google Chief Eric Schmidt during his visit to Pakistan in June 2012. In her visit to Pakistan i7′ September, Jana Levene, Google’s head of Emerging Market Development Southeast Asia, stated: “Pakistan is Google’s nextjbi9 market in the region”. The team visiting from Singapore estimates that Pakistan is a $500 million market for Google.


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