Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 Features

For those who want the latest technology, comes the revolution of the tablets. The revolution that will make your life easier and can combine leisure and work in comfort.Enjoy multi-media content, unlimited Internet browsing and access to all your social networks. It’s time to fill your world of possibilities. It’s time to discover Tab.


Enjoy unmatched mobility thanks to the amazingly thin and light design of Galaxy Tab 10.1. At just 565 grams and a thickness of 8.6 mm, hold this tablet is like holding a pen, and easy grip material ensures that you do not slip through our fingers.

Home Screen

Live Panel allows you to customize the home screen of your tablet and access your content instantly including email, image galleries, favorite Web sites and social networks. The advantage of Live Panel is that the data is updated in real time, allowing you to access them at all times and pudiéndolos arrange to your liking. 

Site Navigation

Surf without limits. Thousands of websites use Flash applications, with your GALAXY Tab 10.1 and Adobe ® Flash ® player will see it all, whether you’re surfing the web or playing multimedia content. 


Readers Hub offers access to millions of books, thousands of newspapers and magazines in different languages. Digital reading functions such as zoom in / out, font enlargement and virtual bookmarks improve the e-reading experience. Enjoy text and images with great detail and bright thanks to the large screen of your tablet. (Feature available in future software updates) 


Social Hub Organize and synchronize all your contacts easily online. Unify all your email accounts, SMS, instant messaging and social networks and interact with your contacts as you want. Accounts with two access points for simplified viewing of content: through the messages tab and through the Feeds tab. Integra messages and feeds into one easy to read flow.


Experience the magic of Full HD movies on your tablet screen of 10.1 “. The two speakers surrounding the screen create a surround effect to provide realism to movies. 


Accessories such as keyboard or desktop dock, will help you get more out of your experience with your tablet. These accessories enhance the way you interact with your tablet, also when you connect to other devices. 

Wide variety of Google services range

Get more out of Google. Applications known as Google Talk ™, Gmail ™, Google Calendar ™, YouTube ™, Google Maps ™, Google Latitude ™, Google Places ™ and Google Maps Navigation (Beta) work seamlessly on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.


High definition display of 10.1 “with excellent sharpness. Due to WXGA 1280 x 800 WXGA and density of 149 ppi (pixels per inch), you can enjoy all the details. Movies, photos and graphics come to life on screen your tablet.


Mini Apps: Improve your efficiency and productivity using Mini Apps, multitasking thanks to the Galaxy Tab., The mini-applications allow you easy access to your most commonly used functions such as calendar, PenMemo, world clock, calculator or administrator tasks. 


With HSPA connectivity (21 Mbps) and WiFi, you can stay connected 24 hours, 7 days a week, wherever you are. Enjoy fast and stable connection that improves your browsing speed, downloads and more! Enjoy the best of the web from your tablet.


With Music Hub you can access an extensive catalog of songs, as well as artist information, album art, reviews of music critics and more.


Polaris Office lets you work from anywhere. Polaris Office preinstalled and lets you view, edit and create various documents such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel. The clipboard allows you to store up to 20 images and text, allowing you to cut and paste just like a PC.


Enjoy the integrated front and rear cameras on your tablet. Chat comfortably with a friend or a client, get the sharpness that gives you the front camera.Catch the best photos and records HD video directly from the camera back of your tablet. 

The latest Android ™ technology

Platform Android ™ 3.1 (Honeycomb) is designed to increase the productivity of your tablet, thanks to its multitasking management. Check different panels in the same application, and browse the web as you would on your PC. In addition, the Android Market ™ offers you a wide variety of applications to download.

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