From Childhood to teenage

Developing and growing from childhood to



teens is probably the most difficult time of
life. As the youngsters are growing up and
they are coming in their teen years their
style of thinking is changing as well as
becoming more health and beauty conscious.
The alarming pace of the growth
when rapid physical and psychological
changes are taking place, can create confusion
in a teenagers mind. Today’s teens have
better knowledge of fashion and beauty than
our elders did. Good health is a must for all
of us. It keeps a person fresh and healthy all
day long. For being fresh one must have a
beautiful sleep.

When I entered my teen years I had always liked to do eye make-up and when I applied it, it looked really silly. Then my mom told me that teens should just apply light makeup because if they start applying make up at that age then later they are going to have skin problems so its better that we should just use simple lip glosses. Foundation is also not necessary for teens because they have natural beauty, and the skin can get damaged if you use the wrong type for your skin. What I normally do is just apply kajal and lip gloss and it gives a very soft touch. And use face wash everyday.
Think about all these things. Try to follow the advises and you will definitely see a change in your self and do not forget to always keep smiling and laughing. It is the best expression for a beautiful, healthy appearance and life. What is the use of worrying?
It never was worth while, so pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag … and smile, smile, smile …


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