Friends Forever..

Friends ForeverRemembering the day when we
first met,
I still remember those sweet
memories of blissfulness,
That we spent together,
Those charming moments that we
Staying at home and gossiping on
the telephone,
Dressing in those casual clothes
for those cozy movie nights,
Partying till twelve midnight,
Fighting on those few odds and
Hanging out and planning a
shopping spree, or rather a trip to
an adventure park,
This is how it feels as we go on,
And cherish those beautiful
Thinking that the time will never
And things will remain the same,
But today we’ve parted ways,
We’re moving so fast that we can’t
slow down,
These memories are playing like a
film without sound,
All the times we had together will
never be forgotten,
Though our lives change from
We will still be friends forever.


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