FACEBOOK in the year of 2012

 facebookThe disastrous IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Facebook and the subsequent plummeting of its share prices has been defining news for users and creator Mark Zuckerberg. We still have analysts ruminating over why the most popular and fastest growing social network in history failed at the stock market. Privacy concerns and settings changes continued to echo from 2011, with Timeline being introduced along with other minor tweaks. With enough years of data now available, digital researchers talked about how ineffective Facebook advertising is and how Click through rates are a more pragmatic costing model for the social platform.
Locally, we continued to have multiple small brands mark their presence with their heavy Facebook page “likes” and “comments”. It was the year of contests, with all sorts of brands conjuring up ways to retain active commentators on their pages. With a lack of an eCommerce/payment portal, fashion houses promoted their designs with home deliveries or courier services – costs borne largely by customers. This was also true for the ambitious and tech-savvy cattle owners of ‘cow mandi’ to boost once a year sales for Eid-ul-Adha (www.facebook.com/cowmandi).
We saw an increase in the usage of brand managers using status updates to promote brand promotions and campaigns. Widespread obsession with mobile phones and a good digital strategy, however, led to maximum hits in the telecom sector – the Nokia Pakistan page officially topped the list of the most liked pages in the country with over one million fans, and that in a user base of over 6.8 million users. From celebrity weddings’ pictures, cricket discussions, comic strip cartoons to political rants, Facebook has been a busy platform for discussions for most Pakistanis. Despite the popular perception of it as a female-centric platform, there are 2.76 million Pakistani men on Facebook, compared to the 1.15 million women in the 25-34 age groups. Pakistani boys of 13-17 years outnumber the girls in the same age bracket by almost double.



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