Facebook 2012: Infographic with Data and Statistics on the Use of Social Networks


Facebook is a social and technological universe continues to expand. Change the costumes, the population increases, renew trends predominate. Facebook is a classic discussion of demographic trends, which now involve one billion users worldwide. The infographic becomes the perfect language to show just the data and identify the direction of change.


What’s really interesting about these new data, date October 2012? The frequency of “return” everyday on Facebook, which is estimated to be just under 60%. So Facebook has become the reference point for its users, entering into that kind of “home” with the digital dominated from the email, the SMS and all those communication systems that cling to you daily use and infra-daily. New trend, here is consolidation, is the mobile use of Facebook for at least 600 million of its users. In fact, the mobile advertising opens ambitious new horizons, and to the marketing, Facebook is the same. The ranking of the applications installed and also the pages with the most fans always sees the prevalence of factor leisure, game, entertainment, such as the classic Texas Hold’em, also accompanied by the usual global brands. In particular, among the app with the larger number of active users per month, shows the wide variety of content, from Scribd to Spotify, Windows Live Messenger, Bing, TripAdvisor on Instagram: concrete sign that Facebook is not only the land of likes, but it has become the continent that absorbs the web of each loop of social networks. Also mobile.


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