Eye shades

Eye ShadesEyes are the main and beautiful part of our face. If you want to enhance its beauty then must use eye shadows. Eye shadows give depth and dimension to one’s eye? The better and proper way of using eye shadows make eyes beautiful and attractive. Eye shadows are available in different textures and colors. Eye shadows could be applied in different ways according to requirements and desire. Here are some tips to make your eyes more attractive.


Eye shadow should be applied according to eye shape. Like almond eyes, close set eyes, down turned eyes, deep set eyes, hooded eyes etc. these are some type of eyes and applying of eye shadows on each kind is different.

  • Almond eyes are perfect proportional eyes so all kind of eye shadows can be applied in any way. Person having such eyes is lucky.
  • Close set eyes are narrow.so on the inner side light eye shadow should be used and darker color on the outside of eye.
  • Down turned eye is a sort pf complicated regarding apply eye shadows. To apply eye shadow on this eye focus should up and out.
  • Deep set eyes is deep into the socket having smile mobile lid. Light shade of eye shadows should be applied on mobile lid and deeper shade above the socket and blend it up and out.
  • Hooded eyes is folded on socket line.so simple medium and  dark colors should be used.

             So when according to eye shape eye shadows are applied definitely eyes will look attractive.


The common way of applying eye shadows is:

  • Firstly our face should be cleaned.
  • Apply the base on the entire eye area up to eye lid.
  • Choose three colors of different tones or intensity like medim,lighter and darker.Mediun tone will be used as base, lighter color will be used as highlighter and darker will be for contouring.
  • Now apply medium color on the main part of the eye that is eyeball. Now sweep the eye shadows at out of the edge.
  • Now apply the lightest color, or highlighter, above the base and up to the brow. Sweep it out slightly at the outside edge as you did with the first color.
  • Apply the darkest color, or contour, to the crease using the pointed tip of your applicator and a light hand. Apply a bit of the dark color just to the tip of the applicator, then apply a thin line starting at the inside corner of the eye and make the line wider as you move toward the outside of the eyelid.
  • Continue with the darkest color just past the edge of the crease of your eyelid and bring the tip back to touch the outside edge of your lashes.

Soften the line of the dark contour color with either a Q-tip or a clean applicator tip and smudge it into the lashes slightly.


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